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We hear an announcement; "The next train on platform 5 will be the cyclist special excursion to Rugby, will passengers traveling on this train please go to the rear end of the platform"

The film opens up with a shot of some cyclists arriving at a railway station from various directions and as they congregate on the platform they are each given a cloakroom ticket, half of the ticket goes on their respective bikes, the other half in their pockets. "So that there will be no arguments when the bikes are collected" The narrator unintentionally talks about the cyclists as if they are a strange herd of creatures from another planet and comments "Rugby? Who want's to go to Rugby? Well, wouldn't you like a day touring in wooded Warwickshire, or sturdy Leicestershire, or historic Northhamptonshire? "

The train arrives and the bikes are loaded into a specially converted carriages by some rather disinterested looking guards. The bike are hung upright on 'rubber coated hooks'. The way to carry cycles by train" There is a strange looking cycle sign on the side of the cycle carrying carriage to indicate it's purpose.

The narrator explains that; "A properly equipped touring cycle can be quite an expensive piece of machinery, it may have a special lightweight taylor made frame, Endrick aluminium rims and a derailleur gearing system giving as many as 10 different gears ranging from 29 to 82, plus cantilever brakes, dynamo lighting and luggage panniers and the owner of such a machine is inclined to be rather fussy about how it is carried"

Once on the train and having been waved out of the station by the guard it is time to enjoy the passing scenery and pore over the map whilst drinking lashings of tea with biscuits courtesy of the cafeteria car.

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