Page 2 ~ Alighting at Rugby and setting off.

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Still on the train we see H.H.England, the editor of 'Cycling', talking with Reg Shaw, the secretary of the CTC, they both have a look at the chosen routes on the map. After arriving at Rugby Midland station the cyclists go to the cycle carrying carriage at the rear of the train to be reunited with their machines, they all then head of down a ramp to congregate outside the station, this is where the party is split up into various 'tours' (A to F) and a leader for each tour is appointed from members of the local CTC district association. Each cyclist can join whatever tour he or she fancies or cycle alone if preferred. The documentary follows tours A and F.

"A last minute check to make sure that tyres are hard, toe-clips and straps adjusted and luggage properly secured, and then - away" We see A and F tours set off together but not far out of the town one tour heads straight on whilst the other takes a left turn. There are very few cars on the road and the cyclists have no trouble traveling in a large group.

"Once outside the town each tour spins away on it own particular route away from the main roads into the peaceful countryside where tree-lined lanes welcome these friendly processions that bring no exhaust smoke, no petrol fumes, no racket or blaring of horns"

We are treated to plenty of lovely scenes of the cyclists as they make their way along the open road.

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