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Tour 'A' now stops off at Kenilworth castle to explore the remains and take photographs while we cut away to see that tour 'F' is some distance away and that one of the groups members has had the inevitable puncture. The narrator makes light of the puncture mending session; "The whole group stops, the puncture-ee may get a ragging but he also gets help, freely and carefully given. With this division of labour a tedious task becomes a lighthearted exercise in co-operation". Tour 'F' is soon on it's way again exploring the local lanes. The next stop is Stanford-on-Avon church, the group stroke some newly-born lambs while the narrator giver us a quick history lesson an comments; "In the touring club you are led to look and see, to seek and find all these treasures of the green pastures"

Both tours now take a break, one at a cafe which has provided them with a table outside, the other group has to make do with a grassy bank, plenty of food and drink is consumed by both parties.

One group visits the scene of the battle of Naseby, while the group look at the monument the narrator give another history lesson about the reason why the battle of Naseby took place. "Well it's a bit complicated but it was all part of a continuing battle to decide how much say people like us should have in our government. What was the result? A typical English blooming mixture! "

The other tour pays a visit to the Foxton Locks on the Grand Union Canal, Leicestershire and having walked over a canal bridge and through a gate they are soon back on the road and pedaling away. The pace is leisurely but at one point a steep hill is walked and the cyclist take the opportunity to chat. "He will find himself plunging into discussions on saddle positions, drop handlebars, frame heights, angles and verticalities, short wheelbase liveliness, head angles and fork offsets"

Soon one tour visits the 'Fitzgerald Arms' pub where plenty glasses of lemonade are handed out on a tray.

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