New Book!

The Legend of Ian Hibell - The World's greatest cycle tourist.

This book was printed just before Ian Hibell's death in August 2008, the book contains masses of photos and articles and later magazine reports reproduced exactly from the originals that appeared in various cycling magazines during the long career of one of the World's most famous cycle-tourists.

Using advanced scanning and photo printing techniques the book is sumptuously printed on a silvery type of paper giving a luxurious feel.

This book is destined to become a collector's item to grace coffee tables the world over or to be kept in your bookcase to be taken out now and again so as to marvel at the exploits of this amazing man.

Each of these books were going to be personally signed by Ian Hibell but Ian's tragic and untimely death prevented this from happening.

The cost of the book is £75.00 plus £4.00 p&p to the UK. You can order your copy today by email here.


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