Argos Racing Cycles touring bike 1980

This bike is the second of Ian's 'Argos Racing Cycles' built frames with the pannier frame system built in, it is also the bike that has seen the most use over the years. The pannier frame has a modern appearance and a more of a curved construction than the previous 2 pannier frames and more refinements. It also has 'braze-ons' for a lever operated mud scraper system, Ian admits that the mud scraper system never actually worked as well as he had hoped and it is now disconnected. These photos where taken in 2002 when Ian paid us a visit on his way up to North Wales. This is one of my favourite bikes of all time. Ian told me that when he is not away touring with this bike he uses it as his 'workhorse' bike back home in Devon and he carries all manner of things on the back of it including bags of cement !

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USA made 'Cammack' touring bike - Argos touring bike 1975 - Argos Touring Bike 1980