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The documentary starts off with a visit to a cycle race and we see Jack in his flat cap and green mac, looking like he has been transported there, directly from the 1950's, in a time machine. He criticizes the design of the bikes and in particular the amount of gears on one of the spare, roof-mounted, racing machines. "When we were riding we had five speeds and we wouldn't ride five's, we would only ride four's. We thought they were to much out of alignment, the chains." Jack points to the transmission on the racing bike and adds. "But now they've gone berserk.They've got seven on there and three on here. That's twenty-one gears. Well, you don't know which one your in, you know"

In the evening there is a social gathering of some of the Taylor brothers friends and old racing adversaries who haven't met each other for over 30yrs. They watch some old news-reel footage of the Taylor brothers and themselves in the Tour of Britain cycle race from the olden days. Some amusing anecdotes are swapped!

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We move on to the Jack Taylor Cycles workshop and, with some old time band music playing in the background, we see Norman laying out some tandem tubes ready for brazing whilst Ken sets about drilling out a blank rim because they are not available in 48 holes. Jack is at the drawing board working on a drawing for a USA customer. "There's a whole page there in metric, centimeters and these queer things, and I've had to translate it back into English because I'm too old to work off metric". Jack goes on to say how they had to cut back on production because it was getting to much for him after taking on too many orders from the USA.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3