A short ride was all I had time for on Sunday morning so I decided to do a quick ride over a local mountain known as ‘The British’. As I cycled along the ‘straight mile’ I could see The British rising above Pontypool and the Skyridd Mountain in the distance, and it looked like it was raining on both! I took a short cut through Pontypool where work was well underway on the refurbishment of the leisure centre. At Pontypool I joined the ‘Railway Route’ cycle track.

Leaving the cycle-track at Buller Street I headed off up past the site of the former Tirpentwys Coal mine. This road never ceases to amaze how steep it is and more than once I considered getting off the bike to walk! The hill surmounted and with the Sun shining I rode through Pantygasseg toward the mountain proper and I was surprised to see the Brecon Beacons, shimmering in the distance, still covered in snow. The ride over the British is always enjoyable and, true to form, there was a total absence of wind at the top! The ride now was all downhill and I rejoined the cycle-track at Castle-Wood in Garndiffaith to cycle through Pontypool and so on to Croesyceiliog.

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