The next day we ventured out of the relative warmth of our bunks to reach the fire of the kitchen area. We made some breakfast and chatted again for a while and then back out on the bikes on the icy roads. The rout took us down the valley where uncle Ron used to cycle many years ago, this section has not been flooded by the reservoir, so it was how he would have seen it in the 1940s. The asphalt road had to be left behind for a climb over the Nant-yr-Hwch mountain at 500 metres, it was an excellent ascent from here we had views again of the sacred Drygarn, the mountain that can only be seen from another mountain. This route had been taken in May in the dark but now in the winter sun we saw it in all its glory. Nick and I crashed through the icy small pools on the frozen path and it was not long before we arrived at the tiny, remote, village of Abergwesyn. It was then a short six mile ride to Beulah to finish off a very cold but excellent weekend of cycling!

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