Latest additions to the Wester Ross website.

22.4.13 Peter Lancashire's great original condition Wetse Ross with frame number 345
22.4.13 Jay Robinson's original condition Wester Ross with frame number 363
22.4.13 Rick Harts frame number 267
22.4.13 Joseph Harrington's fantastic restored bike with frame number 467
13.11.12 Paul Lane's superb bike with frame number 378 added to the registry.
06.10.12 John Patricks fantstic bike with frame number 441 added to the registry.
24.09.12 Photos and details of Morton Campbell's Wester Ross bike with frame number 163
19.05.12 Photos and details of Michael Oliver's stunning, original condition, Wester Ross frame number 474
10.02.12 Photos and details of Rod Stacey's original condition Wester Ross bike, frame number 234
07.02.12 Photos and details of Walter Well's lovely Wester Ross bike, frame number 208
28.01.12 Photo and details of Ian Doig's superb, original condition, racing Wester Ross frame number 288
27.01.12 Photos of Sean Carthy's amazing Wester Ross renovation of frame 239

06.08.11. Photos of Geoff Gilligan's Wester Ross frame number 086
15.03.11. Photos of Stephen Brown's touring machine number 332

16.12.10. Photos of Colin Booth's renovated frame number 277
16.09.10. Infomation about Wester Ross frames 143 and 246
28.04.10. Information about Wester Ross frames 022 and 473
31.03.10. Information about Wester Ross frame 063
25.02.10. Steve Griffiths' Wester Ross frame number 436
24.02.10. Jen Whitcomb's excellent Wester Ross tourer frame number 157
31.01.10. William Phelps' original condition Wester Ross frame number 067

24.09.09. Michael Thompson's early Wester Ross frame number 013!
10.09.09. Ronnie Chard's superb 26.5" Wester Ross touring frame number 395
25.08.09. Kevin Brown stunning Wester Ross racing bike frame number 470
23.03.09. Peter Barrow's delightful Wester Ross touring bike frame number 431

15.10.08. Tina Moores lovely Wester Ross touring bike frame number 311
29.09.08. Axel Innecken's superb touring Wester Ross number 085
26.09.08. Peter Bruemmer's superb touring Wester Ross number 191
18.04.08. Paul Hollen's Wester Ross frame number 230 and bits.
24.04.08. Julian Swain's Wester Ross bike frame number 451 added to registry.
23.04.08. Clayton Spear's Wester Ross bike frame number 264 added to registry.

13.11.07. Timothy Roy's Wester Ross frame number 043 added to registry.
28.10.07. Wester Ross frame numbers 173 added to registry.
24.10.07. Wester Ross frames numbers 035, 321, and 373 added to registry.
15.10.07. Wester Ross bike frame number 058 - The 'Royal' Wester Ross added to registry.
18.08.07. Tim Cairnes frames numbers 096 and 097 added to registry.
04.07.07. Jamie Whyte's frame number 176 added to registry.
22.06.07. Frank Tyrrell's superb Wester Ross racing/light touring bike frame number 357
01.05.07. Details of Maria Whysall's mixte style Wester Ross frame number 273 added.
01.04.07. 'Framed for Success?' video file added.

05.12.06. Barry's excellent Wester Ross racing bike frame number 378 added to registry.
11.11.06. Photos of Mark Sythes' Wester Ross cycling jerseys!
10.10.06. Frances Connell's frame number 004 added to registry.
25.09.06. Malcom's Gisbey's WR number 328 added to registry.
10.09.06. Photos and description of Ron Matross' well-preserved WR bike, frame number 469
23.08.06. Ron Matross' WR frame number 469 added to registry.
26.07.06. Stephen Soviero's WR road racing bike, frame number 235 added to registry with photos.
13.06.06. Alan Bent's gem WR 105 added to registry with photos.
12.06 06. David Lambie's WR 304 with great action shot added to the registry.
04.03.06. Great new photos of Roger Nash's renovated WR bike, frame number 309
03.03.06. Photos of the machines used in the Wester Ross workshop.
13.02.06. Brian Crichton's touring bike frame number 277

28.12.05. My touring bike frame number 318 !!!!
09.12.05. David Parsons touring bike, frame number 397
05.10.05. Frame number 320 added.
24.06.05. Ian Burgess' bike frame number 410 added to registry.
13.04.05. Steve Griffith's bike number 377added to registry.

07.12.04. Photos and decription of John Connell's general purpose bike number 055
07.12.04. Photos and description of Ian Ellis's other bike, frame number 418
01.12.04. Photos and description of Ian Ellis's bike, frame number 457
30.11.04. Photos of Ian Barren's fuly restored bike number 023
29.09.04. Scans of the transfers added.
17.09.04. More photos of Gavin Bailey's touring and racing bikes, frame numbers 402 an 403
14.09.04. Gavin Bailey's touring and racing bikes, frame numbers 402 an 403
10.09.04. Photo of Steve Griffith's track bike frame number 167
01.09.04. New photos of John Butters' bike frame number 295
19.08.04. John Butters' Wester Ross bike with frame number 295
09.08.04. Details of Alan Baker's Wester Ross collection. Frames 284, 407, 475 and 476!
08.08.04. Roger Nash's Wester Ross bike frame number 309
06.08.04. The Wester Ross tandem frame
05.08.04. Anthony and Christina Campbell's bikes with frame number's 241 and 471
02.08.04. Frame 477 'The last Wester Ross'
23.07.04. David Ouellette's Wester Ross touring cycle frame number 162

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